CAT CENTRE Large Top Entry Cat Litter Tray

CAT CENTRE Large Top Entry Cat Litter Tray

CAT CENTRE Large Top Entry Cat Litter Tray

Introducing our brand new extra deep top entry cat litter tray, designed for cats who love to make a mess as they bury. The top entry design allows cats easy entry and exit with minimal fuss. Each tray lid has a peg underneath, allowing you to attach a litter scoop. Choose with or without scoop from the drop-down menu. Colours available: Grey Base & Yellow Top – White Base & Grey Top. Each high-sided box has a small tread on the lid, helping to remove any unwanted litter from your floors. Simply brush the litter back into the tray. This works just as effectively as a hooded or covered cat litter tray, as many cats prefer to use a top entry system. Excellent for cats & kittens of all ages, designed for maximum privacy and hygiene.


  • Large Deep Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Grey or White Trays Available
  • Stable and Solid Design
  • Dog & Toddler Proof – Built-in Tracking Mat on Lid Keeps Floor Clean
  • Made From Stain Resistant Plastic – BPA-Free & Non-Toxic
  • Lid Locks to Secure Liner Bags if Used
  • Rounded Corners – Perfect for Multi-Pet Households
  • Hygienic & Private Kitty Loo

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the litter tray suitable for large cats?

Yes, the litter tray is designed to accommodate cats of all sizes, from kittens to large cats.

2. Can the litter tray prevent tracking of litter on the floor?

Yes, the lid of the litter tray has a built-in tracking mat that helps keep the floor clean.

3. Is the plastic used in the litter tray safe for pets?

Yes, the litter tray is made from stain-resistant plastic that is BPA-free and non-toxic.

4. Can the litter tray be used with liner bags?

Yes, the lid of the litter tray locks to secure liner bags if you choose to use them.


The CAT CENTRE Large Top Entry Cat Litter Tray is a smart and practical solution for cat owners. Its top entry design allows for easy access while minimizing mess. The litter tray is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes, providing maximum privacy and hygiene. With its built-in tracking mat and rounded corners, it is perfect for multi-pet households. Made from safe and durable plastic, this litter tray is a must-have for any cat owner.