Electric Guitar Comprehensive Effect Device Ge100

Electric Guitar Comprehensive Effect Device, Ge100

Electric Guitar Comprehensive Effect Device, Ge100

Are you looking for a professional level electric guitar comprehensive effect device that can take your music to the next level? Look no further than the GE100. With its speaker simulation software and recording IR sampling, this device is a game changer for any guitarist.

Main Features

Speaker Simulation Software

The GE100 comes with advanced speaker simulation software that allows you to emulate the sound of different guitar cabinets and microphones. This gives you the flexibility to experiment with different tones and find the perfect sound for your music.

Recording IR Sampling

With the GE100, you can capture the sound of your favorite guitar amps and cabinets using the recording IR sampling feature. This allows you to recreate the exact tone of your favorite recordings, giving you a professional sound without the need for expensive studio equipment.

Comprehensive Effects

From classic overdrive and distortion to modern digital effects, the GE100 has a wide range of comprehensive effects to choose from. Whether you’re playing rock, blues, metal, or jazz, this device has everything you need to create the perfect sound.


Q: Can the GE100 be used for live performances?

A: Yes, the GE100 is designed for both studio recording and live performances. Its durable construction and versatile effects make it a great choice for any guitarist.

Q: Is the speaker simulation software easy to use?

A: Yes, the speaker simulation software is user-friendly and intuitive. You can easily adjust the settings to find the perfect tone for your music.


The GE100 is a must-have for any guitarist who wants to take their music to the next level. With its speaker simulation software, recording IR sampling, and comprehensive effects, this device offers professional-level sound and versatility. Whether you’re recording in the studio or performing live, the GE100 has everything you need to create the perfect tone.