Illuminate the Night with OFFROADTOWN 30inch 480w LED Light Bar

Illuminate the Night with OFFROADTOWN 30inch 480w LED Light Bar

Are you ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level? Look no further than the OFFROADTOWN 30inch 480w LED Light Bar. This powerful light bar is designed to command the dark night with its incredible brightness and high performance. Whether you’re driving a truck, pickup, UTV, SUV, Jeep, Ford Bronco, or Can-Am, this LED light bar is the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Incredible Brightness

With a staggering 480 Watts and 48,000 Lumens, the 30” LED light bar turns night into day while consuming very little power. The additional two row LEDs with a combo beam pattern ensure that it gives out more light forward to cover a wide area and long distance. Say goodbye to dark and dimly lit off-road trails, and hello to clear visibility and enhanced safety.

High Performance

The OFFROADTOWN LED light bar is built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions. With an IP68 waterproof rating and tough 6063 aluminum housing, this light bar is waterproof, rustproof, dust-proof, and quake-proof. The moisture breather technology reduces moisture build-up behind the lens, ensuring that the light bar remains in top condition no matter the weather or terrain.

Efficient Cooling

Our upgraded circuitry is designed in-house to be more powerful and generate less heat. Additionally, our durable aluminum housings feature customized, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and effectively extend the bar’s life-span beyond 50,000 hours. You can rely on the OFFROADTOWN LED light bar to perform at its best for years to come.

Everything You Need

The package offers everything you need to complete your dream build. The plug and play wiring harness with in-line fuse and toggle switch makes it simpler to install. With mounting brackets, the LED light bar can adjust to about 45 degrees, allowing you to customize the angle of the light to suit your needs. The black cover not only gives your vehicle a unique look but also protects your LED light bar from scratches, dust, and outer damage.


Don’t let the darkness hold you back from your off-road adventures. With the OFFROADTOWN 30inch 480w LED Light Bar, you can illuminate the night and conquer any terrain with confidence. Experience the incredible brightness, high performance, and efficient cooling that this LED light bar has to offer. Upgrade your vehicle today and light up the night like never before.