ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Doll 60cm 24″ Ball Jointed SD Dolls

ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Doll 60cm 24″ Ball Jointed SD Dolls

ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Doll 60cm 24″ Ball Jointed SD Dolls

Are you ready to enter the enchanting world of ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Dolls? These 60cm (24″) Ball Jointed SD Dolls are the perfect canvas for your creativity. With moveable joints, PVC material, and a DIY Moose Elf Doll body, you can bring your imagination to life. Each doll comes with handmade makeup and a stylish dress, making them a unique addition to any collection.

Unleash Your Creativity

With ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Dolls, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re an experienced doll artist or a beginner, these dolls provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills. The moveable joints allow for a wide range of poses, while the PVC material ensures durability. You can customize every aspect of the Moose Elf Doll, from the facial features to the outfit, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Handmade Makeup and Stylish Dress

Each ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Doll comes with carefully crafted handmade makeup, adding a touch of realism and personality. The stylish dress is designed to complement the doll’s unique character, whether it’s a whimsical woodland creature or a graceful elf. The attention to detail in both the makeup and dress elevates these dolls to a new level of artistry.


  • Q: Are the joints of the BJD Dolls easy to move?
  • A: Yes, the moveable joints allow for smooth and effortless posing.
  • Q: Can I change the doll’s makeup and dress?
  • A: Absolutely! The DIY nature of these dolls encourages customization.
  • Q: What age group is this doll suitable for?
  • A: These dolls are recommended for ages 14 and up due to small parts.

Step into a world of imagination and artistry with ProudollCustomized 1/3 BJD Dolls. These 60cm (24″) Ball Jointed SD Dolls offer endless opportunities for customization, from the moveable joints to the handmade makeup and stylish dress. Whether you’re a collector, a hobbyist, or an artist, these dolls are sure to inspire creativity and delight.