REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam: The Ultimate Car Security Solution

REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam: The Ultimate Car Security Solution

REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam: The Ultimate Car Security Solution

Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality dash cam to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle? Look no further than the REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this dash cam is the perfect choice for any car owner.

Key Features

3.18 Inch Touch Screen

The REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam comes with a large 3.18 inch touch screen, allowing for easy and intuitive operation. You can easily navigate through the settings and footage playback with just a touch of your finger.

64GB Card

With a 64GB card included, you’ll have ample storage space to record and store all your driving footage. Never miss a moment on the road with this generous storage capacity.

Built-in WiFi GPS

Stay connected and track your driving route with the built-in WiFi GPS feature. You can easily access and download your footage on your smartphone via the dedicated app, and keep a record of your journeys.

UHD 2160P Night Vision

Experience crystal-clear video quality even in low-light conditions with the UHD 2160P night vision. The REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam ensures that you capture every detail, day or night.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

The Wide Dynamic Range feature ensures balanced and clear footage, even in challenging lighting situations. Say goodbye to overexposed or underexposed videos, and enjoy consistent image quality at all times.

Parking Monitor

Worried about your car’s safety when parked? The parking monitor function of the REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam provides 24/7 surveillance, automatically recording any motion or impact detected when your car is parked.


Q: Is the dash cam easy to install?

A: Yes, the REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam is designed for easy installation, and comes with all the necessary accessories and instructions.

Q: Can I view the footage on my smartphone?

A: Absolutely! The built-in WiFi GPS allows you to connect to the dedicated app and view or download the footage on your smartphone.

Q: Does the dash cam have loop recording?

A: Yes, the dash cam supports loop recording, ensuring that you never run out of storage space.


The REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam is a top-of-the-line car security solution, offering a range of advanced features to keep your vehicle safe and protected. With its high-resolution video recording, built-in WiFi GPS, and parking monitor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is always under surveillance. Invest in the REDTIGER F7NT 4K Dash Cam today and drive with confidence.