Roll-Play Game Mats: Double-Sided Reversible & Portable Surface Protection

Roll-Play Game Mats: Double-Sided, Reversible, & Portable Surface Protection

Roll-Play Game Mats: Double-Sided, Reversible, & Portable Surface Protection

Are you tired of using makeshift surfaces for your tabletop gaming sessions? Look no further than our Roll-Play Game Mats! Designed for the ultimate gaming experience, our mats are double-sided, reversible, and portable, providing you with the perfect surface protection for all your gaming needs.

Key Features

Double-Sided and Reversible

Our game mats feature a double-sided design, allowing you to choose between two different gaming surfaces. Whether you need a grid for tactical RPG battles or a smooth surface for card games, our mats have you covered.

Portable and Easy to Store

Measuring at a convenient size, our game mats are easy to roll up and take with you on your gaming adventures. Say goodbye to bulky gaming tables and hello to the convenience of portable surface protection.

Neoprene Rubber Material

Constructed with high-quality neoprene rubber, our game mats provide a soft and cushioned surface for your playing cards, dice, and workstations. The material also offers excellent grip, ensuring that your gaming accessories stay in place during intense gameplay.


  • Enhances tabletop gaming experience
  • Protects playing cards, dice, and workstations
  • Provides a versatile gaming surface for various game types
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Durable and long-lasting


Are the game mats suitable for all types of tabletop games?

Yes, our game mats are designed to accommodate a wide range of tabletop games, including RPGs, card games, board games, and more.

Can the mats be cleaned?

Yes, the neoprene rubber material is easy to clean with a damp cloth, allowing you to maintain a pristine gaming surface.

Do the mats come with a carrying case?

At this time, our game mats are sold without a carrying case. However, their portable design makes them easy to transport and store in any standard bag or backpack.


Elevate your tabletop gaming experience with our Roll-Play Game Mats. With their double-sided, reversible, and portable design, you can enjoy the convenience of surface protection wherever your gaming adventures take you. Say goodbye to makeshift surfaces and hello to the ultimate gaming accessory!