SEIRYUUPro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife – Japanese Sushi Knife 280mm Damascus Steel Blade

SEIRYUUPro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife – Japanese Sushi Knife, 280mm Damascus Steel Blade

SEIRYUUPro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife

Learning how to make sushi or sashimi? Making these iconic and unique Japanese dishes is a delicate art. That’s why many Japanese chefs spend years of intense training to master this craft. It requires deep knowledge of the ingredients, finesse, and careful reflexes so that the fish remains undamaged after every slice.

Most importantly, you would need a reliable salmon knife for it. Such a specialised tool greatly helps in cutting through the ingredients as neatly as possible. And with our product, you’re one step closer towards learning the ropes of sushi and sashimi making.

The Perfect Sashimi Knife

The Seiryuu Pro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife is the right tool for the job! What makes the Sakimaru knife distinct is its katana-like blade tip. It also sports a straight spine and a curved edge. For many professional chefs, the Sakimaru is the ideal choice for preparing sashimi and sushi, as it renders itself particularly effective for creating thin slices of raw ingredients.

Our Japanese knife features VG-10 carbon steel blades that are long enough to cut from end to end of small and medium fishes. The material is remarkable for its durability and hardness. It is also strong against rust and corrosion.

We pair the stainless steel blade of our kitchen knife with a well-crafted handle for easier handling. With its material and design, you’ll have full and effortless control over the knife and how it slices through your ingredients. Get the right cut every time!

Product Details

  • Blade length: 280 mm
  • Handle material: Ebony, brass, & buffalo horn
  • Contains 1 Sakimaru sashimi knife per pack

Hone your knife skills and be a master in no time. Get your own Seiryuu Pro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife TODAY!

Legal Disclaimer

The bladed product is not for sale to people under 18 years. A signature will be required on delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • A KNIFE BUILT FOR PRECISION – This Sakimaru knife lets you make paper thin sashimi slices without shredding the raw fish. It is also suitable for skinning and filleting small and medium-sized fish.
  • LONG, SHARP BLADE – A remarkable feature of this Japanese knife is its 280 mm long blade made from stainless VG10 carbon steel. Cut sushi fish from the heel to the tip in a single clean stroke.
  • EFFORTLESS HANDLING – With our Damascus blade knife, you have a tool that moves exactly how you want it to. Its narrow blade and slightly angled edge minimize the force needed for end-to-end slices.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP – Any decent kitchen knife has a handle that provides good comfort and ergonomics. Our sashimi knife is no different. Its handle is fashioned from ebony, brass, and buffalo horn.
  • SATISFACTION ASSURED – Buy this sushi making knife with confidence! Contact us if for any reason you weren’t satisfied with this kitchen tool and we’ll address your concerns promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this knife suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, the Seiryuu Pro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and professional chefs.

Q: How do I maintain the blade?
A: We recommend hand washing the knife and drying it immediately after use to maintain its sharpness and longevity.


The SEIRYUUPro Sashimi Series Sakimaru Knife is the perfect tool for anyone looking to master the art of sushi and sashimi making. With its precision, sharpness, and comfortable grip, it is a must-have for any kitchen. Get yours today and elevate your culinary skills!