Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon

Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon

Unleash the Passion with Sawtooth’s Harmony Series Cajons

Are you ready to take your musical performance to the next level? Look no further than Sawtooth’s Harmony Series Cajons and Djembes! Designed to accentuate the harmony between body and spirit, these instruments add another level of artistic expression to your performance.

The Strength of the Elephant Design

The elephant is a symbol of strength, stability, and good luck, making it the perfect image to adorn the Sawtooth Harmony Series. Each Cajon is hand painted and stained with a beautiful elephant design, adding a touch of artistic flair to your music.

Craftsmanship and Playability

Crafted with precision, the Harmony Series Cajon delivers exceptional playability. 6 evenly spaced horizontal coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response, producing punchy bass tones and high-pitched snare slap. The durable rubber base feet raise the Cajon off the floor, protecting its shell, while the adjustable top front plate corners allow for a varied amount of slap sounds when playing.

Perfect for Travel and Children

Measuring at 9.5″ wide x 10″ deep x 15″ tall, this Travel Size Cajon is the perfect companion for any player on the go. Whether you’re playing on your lap or a tabletop, the compact size makes it ideal for travel. Additionally, it’s an excellent Cajon for children learning music education, allowing them to unleash their musical talents from a young age.

Play with Versatility

Play towards the center of the front plate for deep and punchy bass notes, and towards the top center/corners for snare slap. The versatility of sound allows for a wide range of musical expression, making the Harmony Series Cajon a must-have for any musician.


Unleash your passion and creativity with Sawtooth’s Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon. With its exceptional craftsmanship, playability, and artistic design, this Cajon is the perfect instrument for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re performing on stage or traveling the world, the Harmony Series Cajon will be your faithful companion, delivering powerful and versatile sound wherever you go.