Starborn Pro Plugs for Azek Dark Hickory Decking – 375 Count

Starborn Pro Plugs for Azek Dark Hickory Decking – 375 Count

Starborn Pro Plugs for Azek Dark Hickory Decking – 375 Count

Are you looking for a professional and seamless finish for your Azek Dark Hickory decking project? Look no further than the Starborn Pro Plugs. These high-quality plugs are designed to perfectly match the color of your decking, providing a clean and polished look that will impress your guests and neighbors.

Key Features

Perfect Color Match

The Starborn Pro Plugs are precisely color-matched to complement the Azek Dark Hickory decking, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

Durable Material

Made from high-quality materials, these plugs are built to last and withstand the elements, providing long-lasting beauty for your outdoor space.

Easy Installation

With a unique design, the Pro Plugs are easy to install and create a smooth, screw-free surface for your decking.


  • Conceals screw heads for a clean finish
  • Prevents moisture and debris from entering screw heads
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your decking
  • Provides a professional and polished look


Are the Pro Plugs easy to install?

Yes, the Pro Plugs are designed for easy installation, and the process is straightforward, even for DIY enthusiasts.

How many plugs are included in a pack?

Each pack contains 375 Pro Plugs, providing ample coverage for your decking project.

Do the plugs require maintenance?

No, once installed, the Pro Plugs require minimal maintenance and will continue to enhance the appearance of your decking for years to come.


When it comes to achieving a flawless finish for your Azek Dark Hickory decking, the Starborn Pro Plugs are the ideal solution. With their perfect color match, durable material, and easy installation, these plugs will elevate the appearance of your outdoor space and leave a lasting impression.