Starborn Pro Plugs for TimberTech Dark Roast Decking – 375 Count

Starborn Pro Plugs for TimberTech Dark Roast Decking – 375 Count

Starborn Pro Plugs for TimberTech Dark Roast Decking – 375 Count

Are you tired of unsightly screw heads ruining the look of your beautiful TimberTech Dark Roast Decking? Look no further than Starborn Pro Plugs. These innovative plugs are designed to seamlessly blend in with your decking, providing a clean and professional finish.

The Perfect Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of filling screw holes with messy putty or caulk. Starborn Pro Plugs are the perfect solution for hiding screw heads and creating a flawless surface on your TimberTech Dark Roast Decking. With a 375 count pack, you’ll have more than enough plugs to complete your project with ease.

Easy to Install

Installing Starborn Pro Plugs is a breeze. Simply drill a hole, glue in the plug, and then tap it into place. The result is a smooth, uniform finish that will enhance the overall look of your decking.

High-Quality Material

These Pro Plugs are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. They are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their appearance over time, giving you peace of mind and a stunning deck for years to come.


Available in a Dark Roast color that perfectly matches TimberTech decking, these Pro Plugs seamlessly blend in for a seamless finish. You won’t have to worry about mismatched colors or unsightly contrasts – the result is a cohesive and polished look.

  • Q: How many Pro Plugs do I need for my decking project?
  • A: The 375 count pack is suitable for covering approximately 100 square feet of decking.
  • Q: Are these Pro Plugs compatible with other decking brands?
  • A: While specifically designed for TimberTech Dark Roast Decking, Starborn Pro Plugs are also available for other decking brands and colors.

In conclusion, Starborn Pro Plugs for TimberTech Dark Roast Decking offer a convenient and effective way to hide screw heads and achieve a professional finish. With their easy installation, high-quality material, and color-matched design, these Pro Plugs are a must-have for any decking project.