Whittlewud Birch Plywood – Perfect for Crafting

Whittlewud Birch Plywood – Perfect for Crafting

Whittlewud Birch Plywood – Perfect for Crafting

Are you looking for high-quality birch plywood for your crafting projects? Look no further than Whittlewud Birch Plywood. Our 3mm, 16×16 inch flat sheets are perfect for a wide range of crafting techniques, including laser cutting, CNC cutting, and wood burning.


High-Quality Birch Plywood

Our plywood is made from the finest birch wood, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish for your crafting projects.

Perfect Size

Each sheet measures 16×16 inches, providing ample space for your designs and creations.

Ideal Thickness

At 3mm thick, our plywood is sturdy enough to hold its shape, yet still easy to cut and manipulate for your crafting needs.


Whittlewud Birch Plywood is perfect for a variety of crafting projects, including:

  • Laser cutting intricate designs
  • CNC cutting custom shapes
  • Wood burning beautiful patterns


Is the plywood suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our birch plywood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crafting projects.

Can the sheets be easily painted or stained?

Absolutely! The smooth surface of our plywood makes it perfect for painting or staining to match your creative vision.

How many sheets are included in a pack?

Each pack contains 3 flat sheets of birch plywood, providing plenty of material for your crafting needs.


Whittlewud Birch Plywood is the perfect choice for crafters looking for high-quality, versatile plywood for their projects. With its ideal size, thickness, and durability, it’s a must-have for any crafting enthusiast.