Wind Solar Hybrids Controller

Wind Solar Hybrids Controller

Wind Solar Hybrids Controller

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient controller for your wind and solar power system? Look no further! Our Wind Solar Hybrids Controller with PWM LCD Display offers digital intelligent control for your 12v or 24v system, and is suitable for Gel, Sealed, Flooded, and Lithium Batteries.

Key Features

PWM LCD Display

The PWM LCD display provides real-time information about the charging status, battery voltage, and system performance, allowing you to monitor and optimize your power system with ease.

Digital Intelligent Control

Our controller features digital intelligent control technology, which ensures efficient and reliable power conversion, maximizing the energy output from your wind and solar sources.

Wide Compatibility

Whether you have a Gel, Sealed, Flooded, or Lithium battery, our controller is designed to work seamlessly with all these types, providing versatile and flexible power management for your system.


  • Maximizes energy output from wind and solar sources
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization of power system
  • Compatible with various types of batteries
  • Reliable and efficient digital intelligent control


Is the controller easy to install?

Yes, our Wind Solar Hybrids Controller is designed for easy installation and setup, with clear instructions provided in the user manual.

Can it handle both wind and solar power sources?

Absolutely! The controller is specifically designed to manage and optimize both wind and solar power inputs for maximum efficiency.


With our Wind Solar Hybrids Controller, you can take full control of your wind and solar power system, ensuring optimal performance and energy output. Its digital intelligent control and wide compatibility make it the perfect choice for any off-grid or hybrid power setup.